How We Serve You

Allegro House is a pastoral retreat house, a quiet place to rest and lay the foundations for transforming daily life.

Quiet may be the greatest need in our society.  Most of us are over scheduled and therefore the part of life most pushed aside and neglected is time alone for reflection with God.  Jesus developed a strong rhythm of time alone, time with a few, and time with the crowds.  We could make that strong rhythm; time alone with Him, time with our families and friends, and time with our work.  Our goal is to make that gift of time alone with God possible in a quiet place with the opportunity to be still, to meditate and pray whether for the individual or a husband and wife.

Isaiah 30:15- For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.”

One affliction of our present generation and modern society is the “instant culture!” of text, email, fast food, microwave dinners, twitter, and social media.  These symbols of our common haste, our rush to speed every moment to the maximum, press upon our lives in a non-stop, out of control, chaos of multi-tasking.  We are forced to engage, if we are to survive; but the price we pay is often exhaustion, stress, even illness.  Jesus recognized these afflictions in bible times when He said to them, “Come with me by yourself to a quiet place and get some rest.”  - Mark 6:31.  How much more appropriate in the day of cell phones, iPads, Pods, Laptops, and Kindles?  Allegro House can help you change the way you experience time!

Allegro House is a place to strengthen families at a time when changing values are threatening to de-stabilize God’s primary institution for societal living; marriage.  A husband and wife having a few days together for thinking, talking, praying and responding to each other’s needs in a quiet, undisturbed and comfortable place is one major purpose of the Allegro House.

High on the rolling foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains is the ideal place to withdraw from the pressure of busy schedules.  Many who have given themselves to the silence here have had God reveal Himself to them in a special way.  We encourage you to bring your journal, your Bible, and any book you’ve been wanting to read (especially if it relates to quieting your spirit and hearing Gods’ voice) or take advantage of our large library.

Check availability on this website and prepare to be blessed!