Our Vision & Mission

The vision for a retreat house for church leadership was born in a dream and deposited in the heart of our donor/founder in 2010.  Seeking the Lord in prayer lead to confirmation in 2011 when Pastor Willie and Diane Williams agreed to accept the position of Allegro House Hospitality Couple

Retired from many years on foreign mission fields and after completing service as Senior Pastor of a multi-cultural church, Pastor Williams and his wife moved to the Reno area to begin this new work in obedience to God’s command, “Be still and know that I am God.”   The  submission of the Williams enobles the beauty of Allegro House, enshrines its roof and hallows its foundation stones.  We are blessed to have them and you will be too.

Our Vision:

  • To provide a safe place to Rekindle, Renew & Restore the body, soul, and spirit of those who work full time delivering the Gospel of Christ and ministering to His body the church.
  • To provide an opportunity for pastors, pastoring couples, missionaries, and full time servants of the living God to encounter their ‘calling’ and listen to God and each other.  We believe that effective ministry begins through healthy core relationships with God and our spouses.
  • To enrich the lives of Gods’ full time servants.  Pastors provide leadership and vision to the local church, if we can impact the lives and ministry of these leaders through intimate times with God and one another, they will be renewed and strengthened in zeal and passionate service.
  • To build up those who build up the church.  The church is where people come to Christ, believers are equipped, missionaries are called, and giving takes place.  We can have the greatest impact on the world through the cause of Christ and that begins with the local church leadership.

Our Mission:

Through excellent stewardship of the rescources which God provides, establish and maintain the best possible physical facilities and surroundings in which to fullfil our vision by:

  • Meeting and greeting each guest with the warm and open welcome of co-laborer’s for Jesus Christ.
  • Providing real and practical care for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the guests of Allegro House with excellent healthy meals, maintaining a clean facility that demonstrates Christ-like love and service for each visitor.
  • Entering into prayer, conversation, and intercession of the Holy Spirit in a loving and kind manner; and then offering  appropriate help.
  • Offering training and help in preventing ‘burn out’ to vocational ministers, their spouses and other guests; such as foreign missionaries, evangelists, and church planters through our resource library, personal input, bible study, marriage counseling, and intercessory prayer.
  • Offering to provide temporary housing and shelter for recently retired ministers, missionaries on deputation, or other needy servants of Christ who have little or no other options.
  • Entering into the adventure of making Allegro House a premier resource for renewal and restoration in Christian circles through a dedicated Board of Director’s and Managers who are committed to finding vibrant and relative ways of meeting our vision.