Re • Kindle

To excite, stir up, or rouse anew: as in efforts to rekindle your romance

We understand that Pastors and full time servants of Christ carry an unrelenting burden of responsibility; not just in providing ongoing church services several times each week, but also in caring for those within their circle of influence.  We know that this often comes at the expense of personal rest and well being, and we know that servants can become ‘bound’ in service.  Often, the ‘fire’ of their original ‘call’ is left untended or is extinguished altogether; but the One who brought that original fire of calling is still available.  We provide a safe place to gather more fuel.

Re • New

To restore to a former state; as in to become new, or as if new again

Every thing is subject to wear and tear; even the servants of Christ.  Life is often hectic and always demanding.  Even the daily routine of caring for our earthly bodies gets jammed into a calendar full of commitments to family, friends, loved ones, and our flock.  How long since you luxuriated in the shower?  Ate a liesurely breakfast after sleeping in?  Read a book, just for fun? Rode a bike or took a walk with your spouse?  You may not ‘feel’ worn, but the nicks and chips are visable to those around you.  Come, RENEW at Allegro House.

Re • Store

To bring back to a state of health, soundness or vigor

Water evaporates naturally, left on the stove, it disappears quickly.  Energy, focus, passion all have limits.  Like that boiling water on the stove, don’t forget to check it and replenish the supply from time to time.  Letting the pot boil dry can and does have very harsh consequences, even the house can burn down!  Allegro House is tapped into the ‘spring of living water’ and we welcome you to come and refill your supply before you run out!