What to Pack

Retreat Visit Packing List:

We want every guest at Allegro House to be comfortable and recieve the utmost pleasure from their visit.  Therefore, keeping in mind the season of the year, here is a list of suggested items you might want to be sure are included in your personal list.

Every Season:

  • Jeans/long pants
  • Camera/binoculars
  • Sun glasses
  • Hiking boots and Hat
  • Your BIBLE
  • Fishing gear/Golf clubs/Tennis racket
  • Work out/Gym clothes and bathing suit and beach towel
  • Sun Screen of course
  • House slippers/shoes (The Allegro House is a ‘shoe less’ house)


  • Warm Jacket


  • Very Warm coat, gloves, and hat
  • Snow boots, skis, snow shoes, if desired


  • Jacket for evenings & gloves